Applications of SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier)

There are numerous applications of SCR in the field of power electronics. The SCR( silicon control rectifier) is a semiconductor device.

The applications of silicon control rectifiers are listed below.

  • The silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) is used for regulating the AC voltage in AC voltage stabilizers.
  • The SCR is used for switching applications. The SCR acts as a static switch.
  • The silicon control rectifier is used for the speed regulation of DC motors. The DC voltage can be controlled by changing the firing angle of the SCR.
  • It is used for switching the DC contactor and DC circuit breaker.
  • The SCR is used for light dimmer applications to control the lumens of the bulb.
  • The silicon control rectifier is used for charging the battery. It is used for boost and float charging of the battery.
  • It is used in chopper circuits.
  • The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) has its applications in PWM inverters.
  • The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is used for power control.
  • It is used in solid-state relays for controlling the AC voltage.
  • It is used in controlled rectifier applications for rectification of AC into DC in a controlled manner.
  • It is used in crowbar circuits to limit the overvoltage for the protection of devices.
  • The SCR is used in timer applications.
  • The SCR is used in pulse circuits.
  • It is used for controlling the speed of the ceiling fan.
  • The SCR is used for controlling AC voltage across the capacitor bank to improve the power factor.
  • It is used in heating applications.
  • The SCR is used in welding machines. It is used to control the arc current in arc welding.
  • The SCR is used in Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP) applications to control the AC voltage. The ESPs are used for controlling the dust in the process plant.
  • It is used in HVDC transmission as a converter at the sending end to convert AC into DC and used as an inverter at the receiving end to convert DC into AC.
  • It is used in the Static VAR Compensation circuit.

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