circuit breaker testing equipment

Circuit Breaker Test Equipment

Circuit breaker testing equipment is very important for testing the circuit breaker. In this article, we will discuss the equipment used for testing the circuit … Read more

routine tests of circuit breaker

Routine Tests of Circuit Breaker

Routine tests of circuit breaker comprise power frequency overvoltage withstand test, dielectric test, contact resistance test, tightness test, visual checks, mechanical operation test, and SF6 … Read more

short circuit studies

Short Circuit Study & Analysis

A short circuit study is an evaluation of an electrical system’s capacity to determine the magnitude of currents that can flow through the electrical network … Read more

cable glands & its parts

What is a Cable Gland?

Cable gland provides the sealing and retention of a cable after its entry into an enclosure. The primary function of the gland is to keep … Read more

Types of Voltage Surge

We can define voltage surge as the sudden increase in voltage above the rated supply voltage. It is desirable that the electrical equipment must receive … Read more