Pin Insulator

The pin insulator is installed on a supporting tower’s cross arm and used to distribute power at voltages up to 33kV. The upper end of … Read more


Suspension Insulator

The suspension insulator consists of several porcelain insulator units connected by metal links to form a flexible string. The conductor is typically attached to the … Read more


Transposition of Conductors

Definition: The process of transposition involves physically rotating the conductors in a regular sequence. The transposition balances the mutual inductance and capacitance between the lines. The … Read more

Oil Circuit Breaker

An oil circuit breaker uses oil as an insulating medium to extinguish electrical arcs. The breaker’s contacts are isolated within an insulating oil. The circuit … Read more


Zero Sequence Current

Definition: During an earth fault in an electrical circuit, an unbalanced current flows. This current is also referred to as the zero sequence current or … Read more


What is a Superposition Theorem?

The superposition theorem is used to analyze electric circuits containing multiple sources. This article describes the statement and steps involved and solved examples of the … Read more