Radio Frequency Interference(RFI)

radio frequency

Radio Frequency interference is the conduction or radiation of radio frequency energy. The radio frequency energy couples with the electrical or electronics devices and produces noise. The noise is undesirable. Did you tried before to talk to another person in a Noisy environment? For sure that would affect into your conversation, you will not be … Read more

Basic Concepts of the Safety Relay

relay diagram

In this post, we shall study the basic concept of the safety relay. The safety relay has more features than a normal relay.The relay is very useful component. The relay is an electromechanical switch. The relay energizes, when we supply voltage to the coil of relay. After relay energization, the relay contacts changeover. Basics Concept … Read more

Classic Control Basics

classic control basics

Did you ask yourself before “How could the life be without PLCs?” Today we are going to go through the Classic Control Basics. First, we need to learn some basics that would make us more familiar with the whole Automation field. Remember “The more you can understand and digest the classic control branch, the more … Read more