What is Eddy Current Loss?-Definition and Expression

Eddy Current Loss When magnetic material comes under magnetic field generated by alternating current, an emf is induced in the material according to Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic induction. The magnetic material has electrical conducting property and the induced emf in the material cause current to flow in the magnetic material. The current circulates within the … Read more

Difference between Copper Loss and Iron Loss

In this article, we will discuss the difference between copper loss and iron loss of transformer. what is copper loss and iron loss and how does these losses affects the efficiency of the transformer. The copper loss and iron loss in the transformer are types of electrical losses take place in the core and winding … Read more

Why is the core of a power transformer grounded?

Transformer is a static piece of equipment and it has primary and secondary winding. The low voltage winding has few turns of wire wound around the core. The high voltage winding has many turns of wire  wound around the low voltage winding. This scheme of winding reduces the electric stress between the core and the … Read more

Why PS Class Current Transformer is used for Differential Protection?

differential protection scheme

What is Differential Protection? The differential protection is used for detecting the fault in a particular zone. Therefore, we call it also unit or zone protection. The differential protection is widely used in a large rating transformers, alternators,motors and bus bars. The PS class CTs are used for differential protection. The differential protection is also … Read more

What is the disadvantage of large exciting current in a transformer?

Transformer exciting current and flux graph

What is Exciting current? The exciting current in the transformer produces the magnetic flux in the core. When energizing transformer at no load, transformer draws primary current which has two components – exciting current and loss current component.The disadvantage of large  exciting current is more losses in the transformer, and thus transformer efficiency deteriorates. The … Read more