Advantages of the Wire Harness

In this post, we will discuss the advantages of the wire harness. The wire harness is the indispensable key component for electronics and computer systems. Therefore, a quality harness system is a must for the reliable operation of the equipment.

What is wire harness?

A wire harness is a most systematic and integrated arrangement of cables within an insulating material. The harness assembly transmits a signal or electrical power. All the cables are bound together with bounding materials like straps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, electrical tape, conduit, or a combination of all. The wire harness makes the electrical connection system simple by drop-in installation arrangement.

Advantages of the wire harness

It is the key component for connecting the printed circuit board connection with other PCBs or to external circuitry. The wire harness eases the manufacturing process.

Now we will discuss what are the outstanding advantages of the use of wire harnesses.

Advantages of the wire harness

The followings are the advantages of wire harness.

Price & Cost Effective Solution

The price of the high-quality line harness products is in a reasonable and affordable position. The wire harness system makes the intricate wiring very simple. Moreover, the troubleshooting of the problem becomes easy with the use of it. The wire harness can be easily replaced with a new one after simply removing it from both end connectors.

Quality & Durability

The wire harness system is innately very strong, and there are almost no chances of its failure. As a result, the robustness of the harness makes it suitable for all types of printed circuit boards used in electronics circuitry.

The single wire may damage with an impact force on it. However, the system becomes more reliable when we use a bunch of wires in the flat wire harness.

Technology Mature Operation

The wire harness is manufactured on a computerized machine and there is no chance of defect. Also, automatic testing is done to ensure the healthiness of the harness. Overall, we can say it takes very little time to manufacture wire harnesses on the machine rather than soldering individual wire on the circuit board.

Decreased Installation Time

Equipment requires miles of wiring for its operation. If we connect the individual wire, how much time will it take? Further, the chances of human error are always there. The wire harness system simplifies the manufacturing of vehicles and electronic cards. Installation becomes very simple because we need to only drop in the harness, rather than run all the wires individually.

Security & Safety

When we bound the wires and cables with a single harness, it enhances the security of the system because of the following reasons.

  • Protection against the adverse effect of vibration
  • Secure the system against abrasion
  • Hinders moisture ingress
  • Space optimally utilized
  • Avoid risk of fire

Application of wire harness System

We use a wire harness system for the following.

  • Transportation Industry – Includes automobiles, truck & planes
  • Machinery construction Industry- HVAC system, electronics system, Captive power plants
  • Electric Panel manufacturing industry

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