Electrical Connection-Types of electrical Connections

What is an Electrical Connection?

An electrical connection is a type of structure that allows current to pass through it. A cable has its connections between the feeder and the motor. We terminate the cable ends at the feeder end and at the motor terminal box end. Here, we can say that the cable carries the power when we terminate it at the supply and load side.

The electrical connections delivers electrical power to the electrical equipment. It is not possible to deliver the power without an electrical connections because current flowing in the circuit is zero. The circuit connections depend upon the different types of loads consumption.

what is an electrical connections?

We can not operate the electrical equipment without electrical power. And, the power flow is possible if equipment has electrical connection with the power supply source.

Therefore, any equipment that uses electricity has a connection that leads to it from the outside. Inside the device are connections that lead to individual subsections of the system.

Types of Electrical connections

Basic interlocking cable

interlocking cable type electrical connection
  • This type of connection widely used in almost every size, ranging from large to small and from simple to complex.
  • The interlocking cable transfers the energy from the source to load.
  • Power cord is the example of interlocking cable.
  • We can connect the more piece of electrical equipment at the output side of the interlocking cable by providing more power sockets.

Screw Electrical Connections

A screw connection has a bare wire placed into a threaded hole. By wounding down the screw with wire, a perfect electrical connection is possible.

screw electrical connection

It creates a tight connection between the wire and screw or the housing. Thus, it provides a reliable electrical connection even in the case of vibration & other harsh conditions.

Capped Electrical Connections

The other type of electrical connection is the “capped ends” electrical connection. These connections simply have two bare wires wound together, and then capped with an insulating plastic cap.

capped electrical; connection

Capped electrical wires should never be buried behind drywall. The PVC tape deteriorates over a period of time, and this type of electrical connection is not so reliable.

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