Electrical Engineering Companies in UK

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The followings are the UK-based electrical engineering companies.

Associated Electrical Industries

Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) was a  British holding company formed in 1928. The British Thomson-Houston Company(BTH) and Metropolitan-Vickers and formed AEI. In 1967, GEC acquired AEI

British Power International (BPI)

This company provides design & advisory solutions to the power sector. It is based in Colchester Essex. BPI is part of Freedom Group, which has recently acquired by NG Bailey.

The company’s design practice focuses on;

  • Power System Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Safety Services
  • Quality Assurance Services.

JDR Cable System

JDR is a provider of subsea technologies and services that provide control and power delivery for both the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors of the global offshore energy industry.

Shell Energy

Shell Energy Retail Limited is the UK consumer gas, electricity, and broadband operations business 

Northern Powergrid

It ensures the electricity you buy from your energy supplier gets to you safely and whenever you require it.

Utilita Energy

Utilita Energy is an electricity and gas supplier operating in the United Kingdom. Utilita began trading in 2003 – specializing in Smart Pay As You Go Energy. It is one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers by market share.

Southern Electric

Southern Electric and Controls, LLC is a Tennessee-based, Multi-State licensed electrical contracting company.  Our specialty is in the commercial and industrial electrical fields. 

Integrated Utility Services

It aims to be the UK’s leading provider of power, water, and gas infrastructure for the Public and Private sectors.

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