Radio Frequency Interference(RFI)

radio frequency

Radio Frequency interference is the conduction or radiation of radio frequency energy. The radio frequency energy couples with the electrical or electronics devices and produces noise. The noise is undesirable. Did you tried before to talk to another person in a Noisy environment? For sure that would affect into your conversation, you will not be … Read more

Induction Motor Interview Questions and Answers Part-2

interview questions & answers on induction motor

Induction Motor Interview Questions and Answers is very important for competitive exams and interview purpose. The below questions and answers are very conceptually explained What is the stand still condition of induction motor? When the motor is at standstill, the relative speed of the rotating magnetic field and the rotor is equal to 1. The … Read more

What is a single point load cell? its Working Principle

A single point load cell similar to other modern load cells is a transducer that converts force into an electrical signal. Single point load cells are a very popular choice among all types of load cells. The most common application of the load cell is the weighing on the platform. And, the load cell is … Read more

Three Phase Induction Motor Interview Questions & Answers 

Three Phase Induction Motor Interview Questions & Answers -Three phase induction motor is very popular because it is rugged in construction. It needs very less maintenance. Read three phase induction motor interview questions & answers for the  better understanding of induction motor. What is a magnetizing current in an induction motor? The magnetizing current is … Read more

How to Test TRIAC with Multimeter?

In this article, we shall discuss how to test TRIAC with a multimeter. The triac is one of the important devices in the power semiconductor devices family. The triac is widely used for controlling the AC voltage. How to test TRIAC with Digital Multimeter OR using Ohmmeter? The symbol of the triac is given below.   … Read more