Control Valves Pre-Commissioning Checklist

control valve

In this article, we will discuss the pre-commissioning checklist. Control valve pre-commissioning checklist which includes activities like installation, inspection, testing, and taking valve online operation. The pre-commissioning activates if done carefully save a lot of time during main commissioning phase. Pre-commissioning includes the following activities. Checking of equipment Cleaning of valve  Leakage detection tests Cold … Read more

How to Test TRIAC with Multimeter?

In this article, we shall discuss about how to test TRIAC with multimeter. The triac is one of the important device in the power semiconductor devices family. The triac is widely used  for controlling the AC voltage. How to test TRIAC with Digital Multimeter OR using Ohmmeter? The symbol of the triac is given below.   … Read more

How to test SCR using Multimeter?

scr test pass in forward conducting mode

In this article we shall discuss about how to test the SCR using multimeter. For troubleshooting of the electronic card especially power circuit diagram, knowledge of SCR testing with the simplest method is must. The first thing we should know about the leads of  SCR- anode, cathode and gate. The SCRs are available in different … Read more

What is frequency?-Definition and Types of Frequency

ac waveform frequency

Definition of frequency-The number of periodic oscillation completed in one unit time is called the frequency.The oscillatory signal completes the number of repeating events in a definite  time  period. The frequency is used for defining rotation per cycles of wave, oscillation and rotation.The SI unit of frequency is Hertz (Hz).Hertz is named after German physicist … Read more

Head Mount Temperature Transmitter and its Advantages

head mount temperature transmitter

Head mount transmitter converts the temperature signal into 2 wire loop powered 4 to 20 mA signal. Head mount transmitter receives the temperature signal from resistance temperature detector(RTD), Thermocouple(TC) etc.. It is mounted  inside the connection head of  temperature sensor probe. What is Head Mount Temperature Transmitter? The conventional temperature transmitter receive the temperature signal … Read more