HP to Torque (Nm & lb-ft) Conversion Calculator

HP to torque (Nm & lb-ft) Conversion Calculator

In this article, we will discuss the HP to torque(Nm & lb-ft) conversion calculator. Let us first understand what is HP and N-m. The horsepower(hp) is the unit of measurement of power. The rate of doing work is the power.

The N-m(Newton meter ) and the lb-ft (Foot-pound)) are the unit of torque. The torque is the turning ability of the drive, and it is the rotational equivalent of linear force.

Relationship between power & Torque

The torque depends on the speed & power of the motor. The following is the relationship between power and torque.

HP to Torque (Nm & lb-ft) Conversion Calculator

If power and the RPM data are available, we can easily find the torque in Nm. We can further simplify the above equation for finding the torque if power data is available.

The relationship between lb-ft and Nm is given below.

1 ft-lb = 0.74 Nm

Solved Problem on HP to Torque Conversion

A three-phase induction motor has its rated power and speed of 50 hp & 980 rpm respectively. Calculate its rated torque in N-m and ft-lb.

T(Nm) = 7127*P(hp) / N(rpm)
 = 7127*50 / 980 = 363.62 Nm

T(lb-ft) = 0.74 * T(Nm)=0.74 * 363.62= 269 ft-lb

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