What is a Power Triangle? Active, Reactive & Apparent Power

power triangle diagram

Power triangle represents the active power, reactive power and apparent power of AC circuit in aright angle triangle. The three sides of the right angle triangle shows the relationship between all three powers. The power triangle is a useful tool for calculating the power- active, reactive and apparent power in a AC circuit if two … Read more

What is Electric Power?Definition,Unit,Types,Formula,Solved Problems

power in dc circuit

Electrical Power Definition The rate at which work is done is called electrical power. An electrical source has  electrical charges stored in it. Therefore, the rate of transfer of electrical charges is electrical power. Thus, the more the transfer rate of the charges, the more the power of the source. In other words, the rate … Read more

What is Power? Definition,Unit,Formula,Solved Examples

power formula

A person A can dig 2 feet soil in one hour. An another person B can dig 2 feet soil in two hours. Who has more power? Definitely a person A has more power than person B, because person A is doing the same work in half of the time. Thus, we can define power … Read more

What is a Phase Sequence & Its Significance

positive phase sequence RYB,YBR,BRY

In three phase power system,the order  in which each phase voltages attain positive peak value is called phase sequence. The phase sequence is also known as phase rotation.  if the order of  phase sequence in 3 phase system denoted as RYB, then R phase attains its positive peak value first, after 120 degrees the Y … Read more

Which Bulb Glows Brighter When Connected in Series & Why?

We can connect the bulbs in the series or parallel according as per the desired application. The lumen of the bulb depends on the current flowing through the bulb element. The heating effect depends on the current and the resistance of the bulb. The heat produced by the bulb is proportional to the product of … Read more