Ammeter is Used to Measure

An ammeter is used to measure both alternate current and direct current. It can measure small amounts of electrical current, such as microamperes or milliamperes When measuring a large electrical current, an ammeter is used in conjunction with a shunt resistor.

An ammeter is used to measure

1. Voltage
2. Current
3. Resistance
4. Inductance

Correct Answer: Option 2- Current
An ammeter, short for Ampere meter, is a device used for measuring electric current in a circuit. The unit of electric current is expressed in amperes (A), which is why it’s called an ammeter. An ammeter measures both alternating and direct current. To measure the current, the ammeter is connected in series with the circuit whose current is to be measured. The ammeter has a low internal resistance, causing a minimal voltage drop. ammeter-used-to-measure-current

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