Starting Torque Of DC Motor

The Starting torqueis the maximum torque that a motor can deliver to the mechanical load for its rotation. DC motor is capable to deliver high starting torque, and the motor is suitable for driving the high inertia loads like a rotary kiln which demands high starting torque at the time of starting. The DC motor … Read more

What is True RMS Measurement? RMS Vs True RMS

  What is True RMS? True RMS measurement is more reliable and accurate than RMS measurement. We express the AC voltage and current in effective value or RMS value. RMS Value of alternating voltage or current is equal to the square root of the average of the square of AC current or voltage value over … Read more

Breaking Current Capacity Of circuit breaker

                 CIRCUIT BREAKER Breaking current capacity or interrupting capacity of circuit breaker is very important parameter for selection of the breaker for electrical network. The short circuit fault current of the electrical installation must be first known in order to select the suitable rating of breaker for electrical … Read more

Accuracy Class Of Current Transformer

Current transformers are used for measurement of electrical parameters like ampere, power, and energy. CTs are also used for measuring the current at fault condition, and tripping of the upstream breaker to avoid damage to the electrical network. In perspective of protection of the electrical network, the current transformer accuracy class is very important and … Read more