Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in Government and Private Sectors in India

In this post, we will discuss the job opportunities for electrical engineers in government & private sector in India.

Engineers are the backbone of development of any nation. Engineers in different engineering fields work together to enhance productivity, quality and they apply cost effective approach towards development of the organization and nation, thus the engineers are prominent in nation building. A good engineer is always in demand.

India is a developing country having enormous opportunities of growth and progress as industrialization is growing day by day. Requirement of engineers and other technical professionals increasing every day. The world is demanding more quality engineers for research, development and for development of new technologies.

In today’s world, electricity is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Life without electricity can’t be imagined, though in India continuous efforts are still going on in the field of electrification for the nation. There is mammoth scope of jobs in electrical engineering field. Few of them are highlighted here.

Indian railways

Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in indian railways

It is the biggest employer of engineers in India, recruiting mostly the engineers of electrical discipline. Electrification of railways is growing leaps and bound as the cost of fossil fuels rising and resources are limited. Vacancies are filled time to time by railway boards, through competitive exams and provides good career opportunities.

Public sectors units

Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in public sector units

It is a most decorated job of our nation and attracts many engineering aspirants. PSU such as GAIL, SAIL, ONGC, BHEL, NTPC, IOCL, PGCIL and DRDO recruits electrical engineers through competitive exams periodically as per requirements.

State electricity board

Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in state electricity boards

Electrification, operations and maintenance of state electrical system is looked after by state wise electricity boards, and provides job opportunities for electrical engineers. Improvements to be made to reduce transmission losses, control theft and continuous availability of electrical energy to every household and industry will require the recruitment of many future engineers.

Generating units:

Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in  generating units

Electricity generating units such as thermal, hydel, atomic power generation units provides job opportunities for electrical engineers in bulk. It is a good career choice.

Automobile sector

In view to reduce ever depleting fuel resources and control the air pollution globally, efforts are made to shift the auto industries towards hybrid as well as electrical vehicles. As demand of such electric vehicles is increasing, creating opportunities for electrical engineers in automobile fields.

Manufacturing industries

Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in manufacturing sector

Electricity is the basic requirement for any industry. Various electrical equipment is used in industries as per process requirement, and for the operation and maintenance of these equipment industries like cement, steel, textile, paper, chemical, leather requires electrical engineers to increase production and improve quality of the products.

Electrical equipment sector

Manufacturing industries of motors, generators, transformers, starters, circuit breakers, switchgears, protection relays, capacitors, cables, panels, recruits electrical engineers for making design improvements and quality inspection of finished products.

Luminaires units:

It is the most progressive electrical industries. Everyone is energy conscious and every unit saved increase the productivity. Now, people are shifting from gas discharge lamps to light emitting diodes lighting technology. Thus, the electrical engineers are required for R&D, quality, production, testing and marketing of the products.

Educational and research fields

Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in education & research field

With the ever increasing demand of engineers globally, many new institutes are building or running. Interested engineers can join such institutes in creating good future engineers.

Software Industries

Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineers in  software industries

This field requires engineers in bulk quantity for work in their software projects. Many software industries such as Infosis, TCS, Wipro, IBM recruits engineers of various disciplines and great career opportunities.

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