Induction Motor Slip Calculator

We will discuss how to use induction motor slip calculator for finding out the slip of AC induction motor. Let us first discuss what is the slip and percentage slip.

Slip Definition

We can define the slip as a small difference between the synchronous speed of the rotating magnetic field and actual speed of the rotor. The difference between the speeds divided by the synchronous speed is called slip percentage. With the help of slip calculator we can find out the slip in RPM & percentage.

The slip is very important for an induction motor. Without slip, an induction motor can not function.

Slip Formula

We use the following mathematical formula to determine the slip of an induction motor.

induction motor slip formula

Synchronous Speed Calculator

Steps for Calculating synchronous speed of Motor

  1. Enter Number of poles – Minimum number of poles is 2. The number of poles is multiples of 2 i,e 2,4,6,8,10 etc.
  2. Enter the frequency
  3. Press Calculate button
  4. Press Reset for another calculation

Induction Motor Slip Calculator

Solved Example on Slip of Induction Motor

Find the slip of an induction motor, whose actual speed n = 980 rpm & synchronous speed ns = 1000 rpm.

The given data
n = 980 rpm
ns = 1000 rpm

Slip RPM = Ns -N
= 1000 -980
s = 20 RPM

Slip(%) of Induction motor

AC Induction Motor Slip Calculator

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