What is Eddy Current Loss?-Definition and Expression

Eddy Current Loss When magnetic material comes under magnetic field generated by alternating current, an emf is induced in the material according to Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic induction. The magnetic material has electrical conducting property and the induced emf in the material cause current to flow in the magnetic material. The current circulates within the … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Braking

In this article we shall study about the advantages and disadvantages of Electric Braking. The electric brake is better than a mechanical friction brake in many respects. however, it has  some disadvantages with respect to mechanical brakes. Advantages of Electric Braking The mechanical braking system has brake blocks and brake lining. The mechanical brake functions … Read more

Types of Braking in a DC Motor

types of braking in a dc motor

In this article we shall discuss about the types of  electrical braking in a  DC motor. There are various types of  electrical braking used for DC motor. Electrical braking is preferred  to stop a  DC motor over the mechanical braking because it has many advantages. In electrical breaking, we stop the motor by electrical energy … Read more

What is Plugging or Reverse Current Braking of DC Motor?

plugging of separately excited dc motor with braking resistor

In Plugging or Reverse Current Braking, supply polarity of  armature voltage of  DC motor is reversed to rapid stop the motor. The armature voltage(V) and back EMF (Eb) acts in the same direction during plugging. In plugging motor exerts opposite torque to retard its speed. The application of the plugging is to immediately stop the DC motor or … Read more

Difference between Copper Loss and Iron Loss

In this article, we will discuss the difference between copper loss and iron loss of transformer. what is copper loss and iron loss and how does these losses affects the efficiency of the transformer. The copper loss and iron loss in the transformer are types of electrical losses take place in the core and winding … Read more