Kirchhoff’s Current Law, KCL and Junction Rule,Solved Problems

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Kirchhoff’s  laws are very  helpful tool for circuit analysis. It is easy to find current and voltage in a complex electrical circuit. The electrical circuit comprises of so many parallel and series resistance. Both Kirchhoff current (KCL) and Kirchhoff  voltage law (KVL) is useful  for finding current and voltage in a circuit. Kirchhoff’s Current Law … Read more

What is Millman’s Theorem? Millman’s Theorem Formula

The network or circuit theorems are a tool to solve complex electrical problems. We use Millman’s Theorem to solve complex electrical circuits having many voltage or current sources. According to Millman’s theorem statement, the voltage and current sources can be replaced with a single current source with its equivalent resistance. We also use the following … Read more

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem | Proof,Formula

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Maximum power transfer theorem is a tool for determining the condition of maximum power transfer. Maximum power transfer theorem states that the source can deliver maximum power to load if the load resistance is equal to the source resistance. The maximum power transfer theorem is applicable for AC and DC circuits. To obtain the maximum … Read more