Accuracy Limit Factor of Current Transformer

What is accuracy limit factor(ALF) of CT? Let us first understand what is the accuracy limit factor of  current transformer. There are three types of current transformer widely used in a electrical network for protection  and metering purpose. The metering class CT is used for the measurement of electrical parameters. The protection class current transformer … Read more

Difference between Active and Passive Components

Active component and passive components are widely used in  electric circuit.Components like capacitor, inductor, resistor, diode , transsitor, MOSFET, SCR are the basic building block of a electrical network or electronic circuit. Let us first understand what is active and passive component.   Active Component    The active components are those components which requires external … Read more

Difference between Capacitor and Battery

What is Capacitor? A capacitor is a passive two-terminal device used to store electric charge in an electric field. The capacitor has two metallic plates separated by a dielectric medium. The dielectric medium may be paper,electrolytes,mica,tantalum etc.     When voltage is applied across the capacitor, the capacitor gets charged up to the voltage applied. … Read more

Why can a 50Hz CT work on 60Hz systems, and why can’t a 60Hz C.T. work on a 50 Hz system?

CT or PT functions on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The electrical energy is first converted into magnetic energy and again the magnetic energy is converted in the electrical energy. The electrical current first converted in magnetic energy. The magnetic energy is nothing but converting electrical current into flux. The flux then flow through the … Read more

What is Battery Acid? Its composition and Roles

The battery acid is the acid used in lead- acid batteries. A battery can not work without battery acid or electrolyte.The battery converts electrical energy into chemical energy during charging process. The battery converts the chemical energy into electrical energy during discharging. We use lead-acid battery in  motor vehicles, DG sets and 110 volts DC … Read more