definition of Cv

Cv and Kv Relationship

Cv and Kv relationship are very important for valve sizing and fluid flow rate. The flow coefficient Cv is the valve flow coefficient. Flow coefficient Cv and its metric unit Kv are useful for measuring the valve capacity. In other words, Cv and Kv is a useful parameter for calculating the size of the valve and fluid flow rate. The other names of the flow coefficient are the valve capacity constant or valve flow coefficient

pH scale

How to calibrate pH Electrode?

Importance of pH Electrode Calibration The pH measurement accuracy depends on how accurate the calibration of electrodes.The calibration of pH electrode is very simple.However, the … Read more

Magnetic Flux lines

What is Magnetic Flux? Definition & Properties

The current flows in an electric circuit. In a same way, the flux flows in a magnetic circuit. Flux is thus analogous to electric current. The Greek letter Phi or Phi suffix B is its symbol. Its symbol is Ø and  Øm.

control valve classification-based on motion

Classification of Control Valves

Classification of Control Valves : We can classify the Control valves based on the  application, function,motion,port size and failure states. According to classification of control … Read more