What is Self Inductance? Definition and Explaination

    The coil opposes the change of  current flowing through it.This property of the coil is called Self- Inductance. The opposition offered by a coil depends on the rate of change of the current. The more the rate of change of current, the more the opposition. Why this opposition of current take place? The opposite polarity … Read more

What are Triplen Harmonics and where do they happen?

What are Harmonics?   Any non periodical waveform has sinusoidal component and integral multiples of the sinusoidal components. The integral multiples of the sinusoidal component or fundamental components are called harmonics. If the current exactly follow the same waveform as of the voltage, the current waveform has only fundamental current and no harmonics exist. However, … Read more

Why does not Transformer Work with DC Supply?

      The transformer functions in the Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction. When AC is applied to primary of the transformer EMF induced in the primary which opposes the voltage. The back EMF induced in the primary is;   Ep = – Np dΦ/dt   Ep = 4.44 Φ f Tph   The flux produced … Read more

Why Induction Motor is called Rotating Transformer?

The rotor of the squirrel cage  induction motor is short-circuited by end rings. When three phase supply fed to stator of three phase induction motor, rotating magnetic flux is produced and the flux gets linked to the rotor conductor. The rotor conductors are short circuited by end rings and the current starts flowing in the … Read more