Semiconductor fuses and their application

Semiconductor fuses are used for short circuit protection of the semiconductor devices like Silicon Control Rectifier(SCRs), Insulated Gate Bipolar Devices(IGBTs), diodes, triacs, thyristors and similar solid state power devices. These power devices are widely used in the  rectifier converters, inverters, UPS system, DC drives, Variable frequency drives, slip power recovery system(SPRS) and wide range of … Read more

Acidity Test of Transformer Oil

The transformer oil is used for insulation and cooling purpose in a transformer. Acidity Test of Transformer oil is very important test  for analyzing the oxidation of transformer oil. The acidity test is conducted to measure the acidity content in the transformer oil. Transformer oil Acidity Test is carried out using a transformer oil acidity kit. … Read more

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Test of Transformer Oil | Furfural or Furfuraldehyde Analysis

Dissolved Gas Analysis(DGA) is the study of dissolved gases in the transformer oil to examine the insulation condition of the transformer. Dissolved Gas analysis is a kind of laboratory test of transformer oil sample. Online DGA test can also be done through portable online DGA test machine. During the fault in the electrical network, the … Read more

Eddy Current Loss Formula

What is eddy current? When the conductor is placed in the varying magnetic field the localized current starts flowing in the conductor is called the eddy current. The energy loss wasted in the form of heat energy in the conductor caused by flow of eddy current is known as eddy current loss. The eddy current … Read more

What is Electrical Resistance? Definition and Unit of Resistance

  Definition of Resistance   The property of the substance to resist the flow of electric current through it is known as resistance. The conductors have free electrons moving randomly inside the metal, and when the voltage is applied the electrons starts moving from the lower potential point to the higher potential point.     … Read more