Application of Squirrel Cage And Slip Ring Induction Motor

There are two types of 3 phase induction motor. These are squirrel cage induction motor & slip ring induction motor. We shall discuss the application of squirrel cage induction motor & slip ring induction motor in this article. The principle of working of squirrel cage and slip ring induction motor is based on Faraday’s law … Read more

Why Induction Motor Takes High Starting Current?

Working Principle of Induction Motor: The induction motor draws high starting current as compared to the running condition. The starting current of the induction motor is about 6 times of the motor full load current. An induction motor of rating 11 KW,22 Amps,440 volts takes high starting current about 132 Amps. The current reduces as … Read more

Polarization Index Test and DAR Test

Polarization index test is 10 minutes to 1 minutes ratio test of insulation resistance. Similarly, DAR test is 60 seconds to 30 seconds insulation resistance ratio test. The advantage of insulation resistance time ratio test is cancellation of measurement error caused by temperature. Therefore, PI test and other ration test DAR test are most accurate.Polarization … Read more

What is the effect of the speed regulator of a ceiling fan on power consumption?

If we talk about the conventional fan regulator, it has the resistances of different value for regulating the output voltage. The output voltage is governed by selecting the resistance value on the fan regulator. The total input power is equal to the power consumed by the fan plus the heat loss in the resistance type fan … Read more

How to Calculate Burden of CT

Burden of the current transformer is expressed in VA. The total VA burden should be taken into account when CT is used for measuring or protection purpose. The total resistance of the secondary circuit of CT known as a burden is the sum of resistances of CT secondary winding,connecting wires(lead resistance) and the resistance of … Read more