DC Injection Braking Of Induction Motor

Induction Motor Braking Methods There are many ways of applying brake to the induction motor. The DC injection braking is a sort of dynamic braking. The DC injection braking can be applied by injecting the direct current in the stator of the motor after switching off the AC supply.  The various braking methods of induction … Read more

Torque Slip Characteristics Of Induction Motor

  The speed of the induction motor is characterized by the term known as the slip.The slip is defined as the ratio of the difference of synchronous speed and actual rotor speed to the synchronous speed of the machine. The slip of the motor is expressed with the following formula.   s= (Ns-Nr)/Ns   Percentage … Read more

Cogging and Crawling of Induction Motor

  What is Cogging and Crawling? The phenomenon cogging and crawling of induction motor happens due to improper motor design or operating the motor by feeding the harmonic rich supply source. In the case of cogging of induction motor, the motor does not accelerates at all and it gets stalled.The cogging phenomenon is also called the magnetic … Read more

Effect of Unbalanced Voltage on Induction Motor

The balanced current drawn by the induction motor is very important criteria for evaluating efficiency of the induction motor. Any deviation in the in voltage and current waveform from the perfect sinusoidal voltage or current waveform in terms of magnitude or phase shift is known as voltage or current unbalance. The main reasons of unbalanced … Read more