What is a single point load cell? its Working Principle

A single point load cell similar to other modern load cells is a transducer that converts force into an electrical signal. Single point load cells are a very popular choice among all types of load cells.

The most common application of the load cell is the weighing on the platform. And, the load cell is also known as the ” platform load cell”.The compact weighing system uses a single-point load cell. The high accuracy and high reliability are the salient features of the load cell.

single point load cell

How Does Single Point Load Cell Work?

The load cell due to its geometric design can maintain accurate readings even if the weight is unevenly distributed. This feature is very important and thus it is widely used for weighing in many applications.

Thus, the load cell measures the load accurately even if the load is placed at any position on the scale. In other types of load cells-compression, tension, and beam type,  the load needs to be aligned with the load cell to maintain accurate readings. If the load is not in line with the axis, it causes a measurement error.

The load cells are the best choice for platform weighing because there may be variation in placing the load on the platform.

There is no need to use two or more load cells. And, One load cell gives the accurate reading for load placement on the scale at any position.

Furthermore, there is no need for specialized equipment and specialized operator for weighing.

The load cell converts force or load into an electrical signal using a strain gauge. The strain gauges have an attachment with the load cell body.

Under load, the shape of the load cell deform slightly, and which causes a change in the resistance of the strain gauge, and correspondingly voltage changes. The change in voltage signal is proportional to the weight.

Features of a single point load cell

The most common features of the load cell are the following.

  1.  High Reliability
  2. High Accuracy
  3. Protection Class( IP65, IP66, and IP67)
  4.  Construction material- alloy steel, stainless steel, or aluminum


  • Counting scales
  • Medical weighing
  • Bag fillers
  • Industrial weighing
  • Packaging
  • Food scales
  • On-board weighing

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