Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Braking

In this article we shall study about the advantages and disadvantages of Electric Braking. The electric brake is better than a mechanical friction brake in many respects. however, it has  some disadvantages with respect to mechanical brakes. Advantages of Electric Braking The mechanical braking system has brake blocks and brake lining. The mechanical brake functions … Read more

Shaft Grounding Devices | Shaft Earthing Devices

Shaft grounding devices minimize the shaft voltage and prevent bearings damage caused by the  circulating current. There are numerous reasons  of developing shaft voltage in the motor. The main reasons of developing  shaft voltage are follows. Leakage Induction High frequency circulating current caused by VFD How Shaft Earthing prevents bearing damage? The shaft voltage developed … Read more

What is the Difference between Soft Starter and VFD?

The main difference between VFD and Soft Starter is that a VFD can increase or decrease the speed of the motor, while a soft starter only controls the smooth start and stop of that motor. Soft starter is an electronic device  used for  starting and stopping  the  induction motor smoothly. The soft starter is kind of reduced voltage starter. The soft starter starts … Read more

Why Insulated Bearing is used for VFD driven Motor?

Insulated bearing for motor is used to prevent the circulating current through the motor bearing. The circulating bearing  current can damage the bearing. When we run induction motor by variable frequency drive, it is apt to fail caused by bearing failure. In this article we will  discuss how the circulating current flows through the motor … Read more