Differential Pressure Measurement across Baghouse

Differential Pressure Measurement across Baghouse is very important to determine filtering efficiency of the baghouse fan. The increased differential pressure across bag house ( bag dust collector) shows that there is jamming inside the bags. Jamming may be due to clogging of the bags.

The manufacturer specifies the rated pressure drop across BDC (Baghouse dust collector).


Baghouse dust collector has long, cylindrical bags. The bags are made of fabric. The main function of the bags is to filter dust particles out of air stream. The dust laden air- the air that has lots of dust,smoke and impurities- enters in the baghouse.

The baghouse fan creates the suction or draft to direct the dust laden air into the BDC. Dirty air enters in the inlet of BDC, passes through the bags, it gets cleaned here and exit from the outlet of the BDC. The dust collected in the bags dislodge into the BDC hopper during purging of the air through solenoid valve.The efficiency of dust collector also depends on the air purging cycle.

The clean air can be released in the environment or re-used in the process

Differential Pressure Measurement across Baghouse

The differential pressure measures the flow in the stream. The clogged bags cause hindrance to flow of air stream. As a result, the differential pressure increases across the baghouse. The DP transmitter’s pressure measurement indicates how clogged the bags are.

Differential Pressure Measurement across Baghouse

The DP transmitter gives signal to BDC controller when the DP reaches above the set point. The BDC controller issues command to solenoid valve at a faster rate to bring the differential pressure down.

The bag chocking problem increase if the bags cleaning is not perfect during purging. The pressure of the purge air is very important in cleaning process. If the control air pressure is low than the rated purge air pressure, it can begets the problem of bags chocking gradually.

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