DP Full Form in Electrical

DP full form is the Distribution Panel in the electrical supply system. The distribution panels are widely used in the electrical field to utilize electricity in a safe and systematic manner.


The DP term is also used with a transformer, but it is not related to electricity. Rather, it is related to the construction of the structure for transformer mounting. Here, DP means Double Pole structure, and hence, the abbreviation is DP.


In an electrical power supply system, DP full form is a double pole switch. A double-pole switch (DP switch) is an electrical switch that has two separate poles, and each pole operates independently of the other. They are mechanically linked to the switch simultaneously.


What is the full form of DP in Electrical?

Below is a table summarizing the different abbreviations for DP used in electrical applications.

AbbreviationFull FormDetails
DPDistribution PanelA distribution panel distributes electrical power to various electrical circuits.
DPDouble PoleThis term refers to a double-pole switch that controls two separate circuits.
DPData ProcessingThe electrical system has substation automation, and data processing is done to monitor and control the system. Therefore, DP Electrical could be associated with the electrical infrastructure.
DPDirect PrintDP Electrical refers to implementing direct-print electrical circuits in various applications like flexible electronics, sensors, and printed circuit boards.

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