Harmonic Problems and UPS Solution for Computer Installation

Computers installations small or big are susceptible to harmonics in the power lines. The advance designs of computer and peripherals make them virtually failure proof. But in presence of low quality power, containing harmonics brings down the life of equipment and subject them to premature failure. All the standard measuring instruments of Ac current, voltage, power, … Read more

Harmonics Filters – Cost and Effectiveness

The main characteristic of an electrical system is its waveform which, under all operating conditions and load conditions, must always remain a pure sine wave. Factors altering this sinusoidal wave shape can be said to be affecting the power quality within the electrical system. The level of harmonics in present day electrical network is steadily … Read more

Working Principle of Active Harmonic Filter

The PWM INVERTER technology is the basic building block of an Active Harmonic Filter. Active filters are new generation harmonic filters which use modern technologies and devices to provide revolutionary filtering solution. Essentially, they are wide spectrum harmonic current sources capable of generating a large range of harmonic currents and use very high speed switching … Read more

Role of Test & Measurement in Harmonic Studies

What are Harmonic Studies? Power electronics is being used popularly in industries due to ease of operation and maintenance. It is also possible to achieve the speed control of the drives with ease. However, on the other hand they generate harmonics which pollutes the electrical system. harmonic studies are conducted to determine the harmonic distortion … Read more

What is the Required Capacitor KVAR for 50 HP Motor?

The motor draws inductive current when 50 HP induction motor is run by feeding three phase AC supply. At no load running of the motor major part of the current is inductive in nature called magnetizing current. When motor is run on load, the motor draws inductive current. The inductive current drawn by the motor … Read more