16 Electrical Safety Tips for Working with Electricity

electrical safety tips

What are some general safety tips for working with or near electricity? Inspect the portable cord,plug, extension cords, power bars, and electrical fittings connected to equipment for damage or wear before each use. If found defective replace the damaged equipment immediately. Electrical safety is very important while working with electricity. Always tape extension cords to … Read more

What is Smart or Intelligent MCC? Its Advantages

communication matrix for intelligent mcc

What is MCC? MCC – Motor Control Center- has all the operational and protective switch-gears. Motor Control center basically controls the motor operation.  Therefore, it has all the control, monitoring and protective electrical items necessary for motor feeder. MCC has the following electrical items housed in a feeder. Switch Fuse Unit Molded Case Circuit breaker … Read more

What will happen if DC supply fails in an electrical substation?

Purpose of use of DC supply in an electrical substation We use circuit breakers and switch-gears for power supply distribution for safe and systematic utilization of electrical power. The breaker is mainly used for making the electrical supply on and off. The circuit breaker also carries out protection functions. The protection system trips the circuit … Read more

Harmonic Problems and UPS Solution for Computer Installation

Computers installations small or big are susceptible to harmonics in the power lines. The advance designs of computer and peripherals make them virtually failure proof. But in presence of low quality power, containing harmonics brings down the life of equipment and subject them to premature failure. All the standard measuring instruments of Ac current, voltage, power, … Read more

Harmonics Filters – Cost and Effectiveness

The main characteristic of an electrical system is its waveform which, under all operating conditions and load conditions, must always remain a pure sine wave. Factors altering this sinusoidal wave shape can be said to be affecting the power quality within the electrical system. The level of harmonics in present day electrical network is steadily … Read more