Ohm’s Law-Satatement, Formula, Solved Examples

What is Ohm’s Law Ohm’s law states the relationship between the  potential difference and current in the circuit.The current in the circuit depends on the voltage and its circuit resistance.The relationship between current, voltage and resistance can be established using  Ohm’s law. Georg Simon Ohm  experimented to find the  relationship between the electric current and … Read more

Eddy Current Theory and Applications

What is Eddy Current? According to Faraday’s and Lenz’s law, when varying magnetic field is subjected to a conducting loop, emf of different magnitude is induced in the conducting loop. The potential differential of the induced emf cause current to flow in the conducting loop. The current set up by this mechanism is called the … Read more

Ideal and Practical Voltage Source Explained

The voltage source supplies current to the electrical circuit. When load is connected across the voltage source, the voltage source supplies current to the load.   Ideal Voltage Source   An ideal voltage source is capable to maintain the constant voltage across its terminals. The voltage across the voltage source terminals remains constant and the … Read more

What is Dependent Voltage Source?

The dependent voltage source is a four terminal device whose output voltage is controlled either by circuit current or voltage. The output voltage is dependent on the input voltage or current flowing in the circuit. The output voltage increase or decrease linearly with increase/decresae in the input voltage or circuit current.Therefore, the dependent voltage source … Read more