What is voltage?

what is voltage?

Voltage is the pressure of the power source that exerts on an electrical circuit. And, the pressure pushes the charge electrons through a conducting loop. The movement of electrons sets up current in the electrical circuit. As a result, the work is done by the current in the presence of voltage. The flow of electrons … Read more

Types of Control Valves Noise

types of noise in control valve

Types of Control Valves Noise There are three types of control valve noise.  The mechanical vibration of components Hydrodynamic noise Aerodynamic noise Mechanical Noise in Control Valve The mechanical noise in the control valve generates because;  The vibration of the valve is caused by random pressure fluctuations within the valve body and/or fluid impingement upon … Read more

How to Reduce the Control Valve Noise?

valve noise reduction by trim

There are two basic approaches of controlling valve noise are source treatment and path treatment. The source treatment noise suppresses excessive noise generated within the control valve. The path treatment reduces the noise after noise generation in the valve. We can not completely eliminate the noise in a valve, but we can reduce it up … Read more

Control Valve Noise Problems and its Reduction

The fluid passes from the control valve speedily. During fluid moving, it collides with the valve parts valve stem and its packing and creates turbulence. The turbulence creates audible noise. We shall discuss the control valve noise problems  & their reduction in this post.  The presence of friction in a control valve increases the force … Read more

Difference Between High, Medium and Low Voltage Transformers

Difference Between High, Medium, and Low Voltage Transformers – A step-down voltage transformer reduces a higher level voltage to a lower level. A step-up voltage transformer increases a lower level voltage to a higher level voltage. Thus, the voltage rating of the primary and secondary voltage is very important in deciding the type of transformer.  … Read more