Difference between Harmonics and Sub-Harmonics

  Harmonics is generated when the equipment draws current which is non linear to the applied voltage. The elctronic devices are the non linear devices which draw non linear current when sinusoidal volatge is applied. The transformer at the time of charging also draws non-sinusoidal current.  This non- linearity in the current cause harmonics in … Read more

Eddy Current Theory and Applications

What is Eddy Current? According to Faraday’s and Lenz’s law, when varying magnetic field is subjected to a conducting loop, emf of different magnitude is induced in the conducting loop. The potential differential of the induced emf cause current to flow in the conducting loop. The current set up by this mechanism is called the … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Motor

There are some of the advantages of induction motors compared to DC motors and synchronous motors. We will also discuss disadvantages of induction motors compared to other motors. An induction motor is the best choice for industrial applications. The AC power is used in generation, transmission and distribution. Therefore, it is easy to use an induction … Read more

Single Phase Half Wave Rectifier- Circuit Diagram,Theory & Applications

What is Rectifier? Rectifier is the device which converts alternating current(AC) into direct current(DC). The alternating current periodically reverse its direction whereas the direct current does not periodically change its direction.   What is Half-Wave Rectifier? The half wave rectifier passes one half cycle of the alternating current and blocks the other half cycle.Thus in … Read more