Ferite Core Transformer

  What are Ferrite Core Transformers? The transformer made out of ferrite core is called ferrite core transformer. The ferrite core transformer is used for higher frequency applications.The power transformer is made out of CRGO steel core which operate at 50 or 60 Hz frequency.     The transformer operating at higher frequency is designed … Read more

Working or Operating Principle of DC Motor

The DC motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The input power to DC motor is DC power. The DC motor works on the principle of Lorenz law which states that when the current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a force. The force is called the Lorenz force and its … Read more

Interharmonics in Power System

The power electronics is being widely used nowadays to improve the system efficiency,flexibility and reliability. The semiconductor devices used in power electronics are non linear devices and the current drawn by these devices is not linear to the voltage. This non linearity introduces harmonics in the electrical network. The harmonics are categorized into even and … Read more

Torque Equation of DC Motor- Its Derivation

When the current carrying conductor is placed in the magnetic field, the conductor experiences a force  which exerts turning moment or torque F x r.  The current and magnetic field produce the torque and hence it is called Electromagnetic torque. In DC motor, the  armature current flow in presence of air gap flux and due … Read more

What is Crest Factor or Peak Factor? Its formula & Derivation

The ratio of Peak value to root mean square(RMS) value of AC quantity is called Crest Factor or Peak Factor. Any periodic waveform has its varying magnitude with time. The waveform attains maximum or peak value at a point of time. The direct current has its maximum amplitude at all the times i,e. it has … Read more