Harmonic Restraining in Differential Protection

  The differential relay is used for protection of transformer ,alternator and large rating HT motor. The  differential protection scheme is  also known as a zone protection. The relay must trip in case of the fault in the winding of the transformer. If the fault is outside of the zone,the differential relay must remain inoperative. … Read more

Single Phase Transformer and Applications of Single Phase Transformer

Transformer transforms voltage from one level to other level without changing the power and frequency. Transformer is  a static electrical equipment and it does not have any moving part. The transformer has a magnetic CRGO steel core and two copper winding, one act as a primary and other act as a secondary.The transformer losses are … Read more

Effects of Harmonics on Capacitors | Interaction of Harmonics with Capacitors

Capacitors are widely used in the electrical network for power factor correction. The electrical loads like induction motor, electric furnace draw reactive power for their functioning. The reactive current does not contribute for useful work, it increase the line losses in the electrical network. The capacitor banks are installed to compensate the reactive power. The … Read more

Ideal Transformer-Properties,Phasor Diagram,Working

equivalent circuit of an ideal transformer

What is an Ideal Transformer? A transformer which is free from all the losses is called an ideal transformer. It has  zero copper loss, zero iron loss and therefore 100% efficient. In an ideal transformer, the output power is equal to the input power in an ideal transformer. An ideal transformer can not exist in … Read more

Effects of Harmonics on Power Cables

The power cables are used to carry power from supply source to the load point. The cable has DC resistance which depends on the size of the cable. When current flows through the cable the heat loss I2R takes place in the cable. The heat loss in the cable is proportional to the square of the current … Read more