Air Gap Power in Induction Motor

The motor converts electrical energy into the mechanical rotational energy. The input voltage is fed to the stator of an induction motor. The stator coil opposes the applied voltage and this opposition limits the starting current of the motor. The flux is generated in the stator and the flux travels through the air gap and … Read more

Why the Starting Torque of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor is Low ?

Starting torque of an induction motor is very less compared to its rated torque.The torque of an induction motor depends on the rotor resistance, rotor reacatnace and on the slip of the motor.   Torque of the induction Motor   The starting torque of the induction motor can be expressed by the following mathematical formula. If … Read more

Why Power in Pure Inductive and Pure Capacitive Circuit is Zero?

  Power In a Pure Inductive Circuit The active power drawn by a pure inductive and a pure capacitive circuit is zero.In a pure inductive circuit the current lags the voltage by 90° because the inductive load always opposes the rate of change of current. The back EMF or counter EMF generated in the inductive load due … Read more

Transformer Oil | Testing,Types and Properties

Transformer Insulating Oil is used in the transformer for insulation and cooling purpose. The transformer oil is obtained by fractional distillation and subsequent treatment of crude petroleum and the transformer oil is also known as Mineral Insulating oil. The heat generated in the transformer gets transferred to oil and the heat gained by the transformer … Read more