Electric Current and Theory of Electricity

What is Electric Current? The electric current flows in the circuit if potential difference exist. The potential difference is the pressure that cause flow of charge, and the flow of charge eventually lead to flow of electric current in the circuit. The  rate of flow of  charge is electric current. The electric current flows from … Read more

Measurement of Insulation Resistance

test setup of insulation resistance test

Why Insulation Resistance Test is done? Measurement of insulation resistance is very important for ensuring the healthiness of the electrical system. The quality of the insulation has prime importance for reliable operation of electrical equipment.  We carry out the  Insulation Resistance Test to ensure healthiness of the insulation. The higher insulation is an indication of … Read more

How to Calculate NGR Resistance Value?

What  is NGR ? NGR-Neutral Grounding Resistance. NGR is used to limit the ground fault current to the equipment safe operating current range to protect all the electrical equipment. The NGR is connected to the neutral point of the star point of the transformer and alternator. Why NGR required for Transformer and Alternator? When the … Read more

Transformer Basics And Working Principle

What is a Transformer? Transformer is a static device which transfers electrical energy from one circuit to an another circuit without altering the frequency.The transfer of energy in the transformer is done through electromagnetic induction process. The transformer raise or lower the voltage according to supply voltage requirement and current also gets changed proportionally to … Read more