Transformer Over Fluxing Protection

The Flux density of the CRGO Core: The cooled rolled grain oriented(CRGO) core is used in the transformer. The flux produced in the primary travels through the magnetic core and gets linked to the secondary. The maximum flux density of the CRGO core is 1.9 Tesla and if the core is magnetized above the rated … Read more

Over Fluxing in Transformer

How the transformer works?     The transformer has two coils wound around the common magnetic core. When an alternating voltage is applied to the primary coil, the current flows through it. The current flowing in the primary coil produces the magnetic flux. The magnetic flux produced in the primary coil is proportional to the ratio of … Read more

Why DC Series Motor should not be Started at No Load

  In DC series motor, the field and armature winding is connected in the series and, both winding carries the same amount of current.The field winding has to carry the full rated armature current, therefore the field coil has few turns of  thicker wire.   The speed of the DC motor is proportional to the … Read more