Current Transformer Secondary Grounding

      According to ANSI guide, the IEEE standard specifies the current transformer grounding practices. The grounding of the current transformer is very important in the perspective of safety and the correct operation of the protective relays. As per the grounding standard of the current transformer, the current transformer secondary circuit should be connected to the station … Read more

Harmonic Filter Selection

Though all orders of harmonics are harmful for an electrical power system, the 5th and 7th order harmonics are harmful to electrical network. One of the solutions to mitigate these lower order harmonics is to install harmonic filters. The harmonic filters can be categorized into three categories i.e. passive filters, active filters, hybrid filters. The passive filter … Read more

Transformer Magnetizing Inrush Current

When energizing a power transformer, the transformer draws magnetizing current. The magnitude of magnetizing current is several times higher than the rated current of the transformer. Even the magnitude of the inrush current may rise up to ten times of the rated current, and its duration may last in about 10 cycles. The high current … Read more